Our BIO-SAN H Disinfectant


BIO-SAN H is ideal to sanitize equipment’s and surfaces in animal farms. BIO-SAN H is also used as a cleaning agent to clean the cages of various animals. BIO-SAN H is also ideal to sanitize water tanks related to water and wastewater treatment. BIO-SAN H is non-foaming. BIO-SAN H is a powdered product that generates per acetic acid in water. BIO-SAN H was formulated to sanitize surfaces in contact with food, reservoirs, aseptic equipment and pasteurizers found in dairies, wineries, breweries, and food, beverage and meat procession and packaging plants.


Use BIO-SAN H on previously cleaned equipment.

Use BIO-SAN H at a concentration of 0.2 to 2% (2 to 20 g BIO-SAN H per litre). Keep this solution in contact with food surfaces for at least 10 minutes; then rinse abundantly with potable water.


Use at a concentration of 0.1% to 0.2% maximum (1g to 2g BIO-SAN H in 1 liter of water). These concentrations of 0.1% – 0.2% yields up to 200 ppm of active per acetic acid. Do not rinse if concentration is equal or below 200 ppm per acetic acid.


Appearance: White powder

Odor: Mild


Contains: Sodium carbonate peroxide-hydrate.

WARNING: For agricultural , food, plants and other industrial applications use only




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